About Cirrus Capital


Cirrus Capital, LLC provides investment opportunities for both accredited & qualified investors in the commercial real estate market, specifically in the multi-family arena. We do extensive research to find the best emerging markets throughout the SouthEast United States, then leverage our team of professional brokers and lenders to find off market, value-add assets.

Our company negotiates and purchases top quality assets that are projected to generate both current income and equity growth, ultimately experiencing significant capital gain when sold. Properties are held in an LLC in which investors own a share of regularly distributed income and distributed principal based on their initial investment. Assets are often held on a three to five year timeline & sold when value is near it’s peak.

We do extensive research to find the best emerging market in specific states, build a team of professional brokers and lenders, then find off market, 
value-add assets.

Accredited & qualified investors are invited to join in these investments with the goal of achieving above average current cash-on cash returns as well as realizing equity gains through our value add process. The investment is suitable for direct investment as well as investments through self directed IRAs or 401(k)s and other qualified tax-deferred funds.

Each asset is managed by a separate LLC created by Cirrus Capital, LLC for the purpose of operating the property LLC efficiently to add value, with constant attention to producing the best returns for investors, and maintaining an open line of communication on a continuous basis with investors.

> Transparency

We believe in upmost transparency at all times with our investors. We provide monthly updates & quarterly webinars to keep investors in the loop with what is going on as well as provide our direct contact for questions at all times. We want our investors to feel confident about where their money is as well as learn more about the business along side us.



We believe in constant improvement each day. We follow traditional best practices in the real estate industry while keeping up to date with market changes and shifts in technology to ensure we operate as efficiently as possible & maximize our investor returns.



Cirrus develops strong relationships with both investors as well as it’s team members. We specialize in creating communities for our residents but it does not end there. We view our investing as a team sport & we look out for each other in every way possible.


To provide win-win opportunities that are based on tried, tested and proven systems.


To have a company that is built on the foundation of integrity trust, loyalty and friendship.


Great returns for investors while managing Moneil Communites.

Start your investment in the multi-family arena today, with Cirrus Capital.

How the multi-family investment strategy works



Cirrus Capital Group interviews investors for a potential investor relationship, as well as appropriate paperwork.


Cirrus Capital Group provides the bank loan and the Investor(s) provide the down payment & upfront expenses.


After the purchase, Cirrus Capital Group hires professional property management team & assumes management of the complex.


As expected, the tenants pay their rent, the business operated on a positive cash flow.


CCG pays the mortgage and general operating expenses while sharing cash flow with Investors on a quarterly basis.


CCG works to lower expenses while gradually making value adding improvements that increase the value of the business.


In year 3-5, when the timing is right, Cirrus Capital Group will sell the property.


Cirrus Capital Group shares the profits with Investor 
after the sale.


Investors have the option of cashing out or reinvesting in future opportunities using a 1031 exchange.
This allows the entire amount to be reinvested into the next deal with their capital gains taxes being deferred.
This allows the entire amount to be reinvested into the next deal with their capital gains taxes being deferred.

Key Bios

Dylan Marma

Principal & Founder

Dylan is the CEO and President of Cirrus Capital Group, LLC. He has gone through highly specialized training, and coaching programs to learn the art of building relationships with lenders, brokers, contractors, and multi-family consultants. With many years of hands on experience he is adept to critically and effectively analyze the financial prospects of the numerous multi-family investments he is presented on a daily basis.

Dylan started his real estate investing career in 2015 investing in single family & duplex’s. In 2017 Dylan was introduced to MultiFamily Real Estate & founded Cirrus Capital Group. He has been taken under the wing of the greats being mentored daily by Vinney Chopra, owner of Moneil Investments Group who has over 3100 units of transactions.

Dylan Moved to Atlanta in 2018 as his market research has shown that the South East United States is an emerging market.


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